Valentino flies to China – “Re-Signify” Shanghai Part One

December 10, 2020

Valentino initiative starts in Shanghai. The historic maison has unveiled its return to Shanghai for an exclusive brand experience, the Valentino: Re-signify part one Shanghai. In fact, the initiative is not a fashion presentation, nor an exhibition, but takes shape as a real experience, a multimedia journey in full Valentino style.

Creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli reinterprets the Valentino logo, providing it with a new vision. This reinterpretation is a practical and innovative method, a method of breaking down barriers. Piccioli utilises this to delineate the present and future of Valentino as a brand.

“Re-Signify” is a model of thinking, and new way of looking forward by abandoning tradition and embracing new possibilities.

The first stop of Valentino’s “Re-Signify” Shanghai is curated by Mariuccia Casadio and Jacopo Bedussi, and set by Kennedy London. The exhibition will begin on December 9, 2020 and end January 17, 2021 at the Power Station of Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art.

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