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Flash Art Mono is a project of art editions by Flash Art. These are exclusive editions realised with unique and unrepeatable printing techniques, thanks to artistic and technical skills and processes often forgotten and unpublished.

Flash Art Mono is an experimental project dedicated to the recovery and revival of the great Italian tradition. It involves international artists, thinkers, writers, poets, philosophers, designers and creatives. Students from art academies and schools are also invited to participate in the printing process through specific workshops. It encompasses precious artisanal and artistic knowledge, which becomes contemporary in order to be brought into the future with relief engraving and screen prints.Flash Art develops this project in partnership with Mono, a print and art house/laboratory led by Giovanni Turrìa. Mono is based in a large loft in Vicenza containing dozens of printing machines and tools, ranging from the historic press of 1866 to machines of the 1960’s of the 20th century.

The printing machines utilised by Flash Art Mono are as follows:
• Precision printing presses of 1950-1965, with electric grinding and manual feed, such as Fag (Switzerland), Vandercook (United States), Korrex (Germany).
• Honer handles and pedals, Printing guillotine,
• Weisel Austro-Hungarian vertical pressure press from 1866,
• Screen printing and chalcographic presses

Mono is a unique printing space, launched by collaborations, workshops, and unpublished activities, with a collection of lead and wood lettering and vintage papers.

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