Nicolás Jaar premiers Telas, a new album presented by Other People

July 20, 2020
Nicolás Jaar, Telas, 2020. Digital album cover. Courtesy of the artist.

Telas (Veils) is multiple things at once. It’s a visual terrain created by artist Somnath Bhatt. It’s a record by Nicolás Jaar, with key contributions from Milena Punzi (cello), Susanna Gonzo (voice), Anna Ippolito & Marzio Zorio (instrument makers), and Heba Kadry (mastering).

It’s a digital terrain ( created by Abeera Kamran where the sounds and illustrations of Telas live in their liquid primordial states.
The site was imagined by Abeera, Somnath and Nicolás as a panspermic terrain where particles travel through space, weaving together life forms, where no matter -whether existing in thought, physical form or other- has a solid or unmovable origin.
This ancestral pollination between symbiotic lovers has created a world of veils (telas) which move and exist in unison. All affecting all.
The cover of the record depicts a cosmic spinneret in the act of web-making.
Multiple parts of the music were first played during two shows at The Kitchen in NYC in the fall of 2017, alongside performances by Africanus Okokon and Patrick Higgins.

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