Maastricht Art Fair celebrates 25 years

March 16, 2012

The European Fine Art Foundation (Tefaf), organizer of the fair in Maastricht, is organising a major exhibition at the newly renovated Museum aan het Vrijthof to celebrate it’s 25 anniversary.

The exhibition, “25 Years of Tefaf Masterpieces” (March14-25), will conincide with the art fair (16-25 March). Twenty-five Dutch and international galleries that have exhibited at all the fairs since it began in 1988 will loan one work. “The show marks the galleries’ own anniversary with Tefaf,” says Roxanne Doyen, the curator of the exhibition. “We imposed no themes and so have a mixture of art—in that respect it’s become a mini Tefaf. Tefaf is also publishing a book highlighting some of the best items sold over the years.

The Maastricht art fair is one of the world’s best art fairs. Last March, nearly 74,000 people visited, (including representatives from 225 museums).

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