Interview with Mario Wagner

March 17, 2012

Gea Politi: How did you start this collaboration with Absolut?
Mario Wagner: ABSOLUT gave me all the freedom i could have asked for. They just wanted me to create a Mario Wagner piece and that what i did. I didn’t even pay attention to the unusual shape of the bottle. This changed of course when i had to design the bottle itself. Unfortunately we couldn’t produce the first design on the bottle so I created a sequel of the story we started in the first design. Elements like the eye, the astronaut, the moon and the house are still in it, just the story kept going.

GP: I saw from your recent works that you are collaborating with brands such as Absolut, Adidas but you also show in art galleries, such as the Pool, Berlin. Is this a constant practice in your work?
MW: I love to be an illustrator and an artists at the same time, both is challenging and exciting. I have the freedom to do what i want in my art and work for amazing clients as an illustrator.
The perfect symbiosis.

GP: Is collaboration with a brand something very different than a collaboration with an art gallery?
MW: Its different because clients have a product, an article i have to include and work with. as an artists i can create my own subject and try new directions. a client also wants my style and expects me to do what he is looking for, a Mario Wagner illustration.

GP: Among your projects, which one represents best your creative process?
MW: Every project is slightly different. Sometimes the client gets to me with a pretty solid idea and i just can give it my typical style, not so much room for creativity and sometimes a clients gives you all the freedom. But in the end it should always be recognized as my work. I try to create a special feeling and invite the viewer to become part of my world.

GP: What are your upcoming projects?
MW: I just finished an installation at the Standard Hotel In Hollywood. Besides this i’m constantly working on commissioned projects for different magazines, recently the japanese version of the WIRED Magazine and CASA VOGUE Italy.

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