Thinking Feelings, the artistic program presented by Enter Art Fair 2020

August 24, 2020

Thinking Feelings is the 2020 artistic program curated by Irene Campolmi for the second edition of Enter Art Fair. Enter Art Program proposes live performances, films, installations and talks shaped around the practice of Danish and international emerging and mid-career artists.
A new-age neoliberal culture has increasingly branded the idea and belief that everyone is naturally inclined to create positive affectivity to cope with the crises of our time: pandemic, systemic racism, climate change, nationalisms, job precariat, the run towards digitalisation, digital activism, and the decline of ideologies, among others. More than ever, social media and digital communication have empowered people with the capacity to react to the news with a certain immediacy, without thinking through whether what they feel like an immediate reaction to certain events would correspond to how people would elaborate these thoughts.
Enter Art Program Thinking Feelings will reflect on the direct link between affectivity and thought through a series of talks and live performances and installations.
Global politics has set the agenda on creating collective moods that civilians could ‘inhabit’ and share collectively, sometimes postponing or denying the construction of a project – perhaps an utopia – that might effectively change the world.

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