Muzeum Susch: “Body Double”, a solo exhibition by Evelyne Axell

May 18, 2020
Evelyne Axell, The Champions (Les Championnes), 1966. Photography by Paul Louis. Courtesy of Collection Philippe Axell. © ADAGP, ProLitteris 2020.

The exhibition “Body Double” at Muzeum Susch will offer a major individual presentation of her works outside her native Belgium. The presentation will bring together a selection of collages, painterly objects, many of which were created with radically novel artificial materials, as well as rare three-dimensional objects and works on paper, many of which have for decades not been accessible to the public eye.

With the aim of shedding light on Axell’s oeuvre and biography that came closely intertwined throughout her short life, “Body Double” will examine the central themes of Pop Art from the female perspective and bringing them further into a wider scope of political concern and iconography.

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