Flash Art no. 132 February-March 1987 by

by May 1, 2020

Flash Art Covers: the historic covers of Flash Art International told by Helena Kontova.

Jeff Koons, Italian Woman, 1986 for Flash Art no. 132, February-March 1987

Jeff Koons was an ambitious broker and supporter of MoMA, as well as a very good artist. We wouldn’t have missed him at all! We invited him to the editorial office in Via Farini, 68 in Milan for an interview in which all of the Flash Art team of the time has been involved. It was a very touching encounter. Jeff always spoke with simple words. He had great communication skills and faced the most contradictory concepts of his way of thinking and being an artist. He found a lot of resistance among American art critics. It was evident that he would have been a leader of the art system in the following decades. His fame and successes proved us right and Jeff always remember his first cover for an International art magazine like Flash Art. His first cover on our magazine in early 1987 had a profound impact on him, as he often declares in his interviews.

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