Flash Art no. 150, January – February 1990 by

by April 18, 2020

Flash Art Covers: the historic covers of Flash Art International told by Helena Kontova.

Peter Halley, Untitled, 1988 for Flash Art no. 150, January-February 1990.

A young artist who caught my attention.⁠
We were staying in Bernar Venet’s loft in New York with Daniel Templon. Thomas Lawson, our correspondent and an artist represented by Metro Pictures came to visit us. He brought us some photographs of an exhibition displaying the Neo Geo group curated by himself at an alternative space. I immediately liked Peter Halley for his use of new abstraction, something like in-between Mondrian and Bruno Munari. I showed those photos to Daniel who immediately organized an exhibition at his Parisian gallery. It was his first solo show in Europe. Part of the luck and rise of Peter Halley began with that exhibition and thanks to that encounter. After a few years we dedicated a beautiful cover to Peter, that marked out a logical evolution of our relationship as well as his work.

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