David Zwirner: Studio, a spotlight for recent works

May 4, 2020
Photos from Carol Bove’s studio, 2020. Courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner, New York / London / Paris / Hong Kong. © Carol Bove.

Studio is a series of solo projects that will be presented weekly online by David Zwirner. This series aims to highlight recent works by artists the gallery represents in the context of their current artistic practices – whether in the studio or elsewhere. Through personal snapshots, films, audio recordings, and reference imagery, this series reflects on how ​they have adapted their studio practices in these transient months.

Studio ​has debuted with a presentation by Carol Bove. These new works by Carol Bove continue her ongoing series of “collage sculptures,” composed of crushed and manipulated steel tubing, scrap metal and, often, a smooth steel disk. The works push the limits of steel’s physicality—and test our perceptions of material. Painted in vibrant colors, these sculptures are meditative considerations of art history and visual culture at large.

Next solo projects will be Liu Ye, Lisa Yuskavage, and Raymond Pettibon.

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