“Platform: New York” David Zwirner / Online Viewing Room

April 8, 2020

“Platform: New York” is a viewing room featuring 12 New York-based galleries, hosted on David Zwirner Online. Platform emerged from conversations between gallery directors and their peers about the challenges facing all galleries in this current moment. With physical galleries temporarily closed due to the global health crisis, the art community has increasingly turned to digital spaces to share the work of artists, and to engage audiences all over the world. Future editions of ​Platform ​will focus on the London and global gallery communities.

Participants in “Platform: New York” represent a cross-section of colleagues, friends, and peers in the city’s gallery community: 47 Canal, Bridget Donahue, Bureau, Company, David Lewis, Elijah Wheat Showroom, Essex Street, James Fuentes, JTT, Magenta Plains, Queer Thoughts and Ramiken. Each gallery will feature a focused presentation of works by a single artist. In some cases, galleries are presenting artists who were intended to be featured in spring exhibitions or whose shows were cut short by last month’s closures.

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