Campoli Presti: Logbook

April 27, 2020
Penny Goring, Please Make Me Love You, 2014. Video, color, sound. 4’47”. Courtesy of the artist and Campoli Presti, Paris / London.

Campoli Presti launches Logbook, a weekly presentation of works and selected materials by gallery artists and collaborators. Each entry operates as a journal of contents which resonate with the challenges of the current global health crisis. The artists take an active role in their proposal and speculate on the nature of artworks as the digital support becomes their exclusive means of circulation.

Campoli Presti’s first edition of Logbook is dedicated to the work of Nora Schultz. Whale Watch proposes a new reading of two video works recently shown at Secession, Vienna, together with a text written by the artist. Whale Watch (2019) documents a whale spotting boat trip on the eastern coast of the USA around Boston while Simulated Whale Watch (2019) was filmed with a GoPro camera in the artist’s studio and based on a script, without controlling the final result. The works renew their meaning in a context where distance, simulation, and a constructed idea of nature are prevailing.

Campoli Presti’s second entry of Logbook focuses on the work of Penny Goring. The opening of her first exhibition at the gallery – “Escape from Blood Castle” – coincided with the beginning of social confinement in Paris and turned her installation into an exclusively digital platform, accidentally extending her engagement with online representation of subjectivity. The presentation features two video works (Fear and Please Make Me Love You, both 2014) and their respective texts, displayed separately.

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