Kunsthalle Zürich reopens

June 8, 2012

After undergoing major renovations, the Kunsthalle Zürich is now opened to the public for a preview until June 17, before the official reopening in August, 2012. For the occasion, Christie’s London has organized a benefit auction scheduled for June 28, which will feature works by leading artists who have exhibited at the Kunsthalle over the past three decades.

Restructuring works include a new intermediate floor to host a library, offices, meeting rooms, an archive and workshops, as well as a white cube on top of the building.

Beatrix Ruf, Director of the Kunsthalle Zürich, said in a statement: “I am absolutely delighted that we will be opening our new space in Löwenbräukunst in June. It promises to give the Kunsthalle Zürich an exciting future and will enable us to extend our programme and improve our facilities for the benefit of our visitors.”



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