Andro Wekua Gladstone Gallery / New York

March 11, 2008

After his 2006 solo show at Barbara Gladstone Gallery entitled “Without Mirror,” Andro Wekua is back in New York. “Blue Mirror” is the title of the new solo show at Gladstone Gallery by the Georgian-born, Berlin-based artist. On this occasion the gallery has been transformed into a series of museum-like rooms (painted with different colors from Wekua’s palette), in which the works of the artist – paintings, collages, ceramic sculptures, his famous mannequins and a video – are displayed as an over-ranged installation.

This exhibition (until March 29) inaugurated another busy year for the artist, who is working on a solo show at Le Magasin, Grenoble, that is due to open on March 25.

For this show, his first in France, the artist will create a brand new installation consisting of a 10 by 5-meter ceramic façade, whose surface will be covered with the image of a sunset. This big theatrical piece will be placed in the museum’s famous space, La Rue du Magasin.

In addition, Wekua will curate a collective show featuring artworks, movies (Luis Buñuel and Mikheil Kalatozishvili) as well as documentation material, conceived as an ode to the practice of collage, where everything is displayed side by side without any hierarchy. This courageous project is a collaboration between the artist and Daniel Baumann, the art critic and director of the Adolf Wölfli Foundation/Museum of Fine Arts Bern.

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