Tara Downs on Tomorrow Gallery / New York

January 15, 2015

Tomorrow was founded in 2011 in Toronto, together with artists Aleksander Hardashnakov and Hugh Scott-Douglas. The gallery then moved to New York’s LES in September 2014. Besides the context change, have you changed your goals or program?

Much has changed since we originally opened, especially with the move to New York. Hugh and Aleksander are pursuing their artistic practices yet continue to influence the program; for instance, we will have a solo show with Aleksander this February. The principal difference may be that, in Toronto, we worked with artists who were locally underrepresented — drawing from New York and Europe without having to worry about conflicting representation. Advocating for artists’ practices here entails asking a more nuanced set of questions and being increasingly sensitive to existing professional histories. Fortunately, this ensures that Tomorrow remains forward-looking and takes risks with projects before they’ve gained wider recognition. An added benefit of working this way is that it encourages and sustains collaborations with a growing set of artists and curators.

Can you describe the community of artists and young professionals around the gallery?

It’s a mixed group of artists, galleries and project spaces from the LES, but affinities also extend outside of New York. We travel quite a bit and build relationships through our exhibitions and participation in art fairs.

What is currently on at the gallery? And what are highlights of the 2015 program?

We are currently hosting the group exhibition “Seau Banco Carbon” curated by Jared Madere and Bobby Jesus at our gallery and Bed-Stuy Love Affair’s RV, which is to be followed by a solo with Carlos Reyes that extends through early February. We’ll also be at Paramount Ranch, in Los Angeles, and at MiArt in Milan with Jared and Jason Matthew Lee.

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