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Flash Art #246 January – February 2006

NEWS → ◯ The Second Guangzhou Triennial ◯ Auction Report ◯ Art Basel Miami ◯ Collecting: Guan Yi ◯ Yokohama and Fukuoka Triennials ◯ At the Galleries ◯ Group Shows ◯ New York Tales

FEATURE → ◯ Eve Sussman by Katerina Gregos ◯ Damián Ortega by Rodrigo Moura ◯ Katarzyna Kozyra by Hanna Wróblewska

FOCUS LOAS ANGELES → ◯ Dictionary of Los Angeles Artists by Sonia Campagnola ◯ The City of Angels by Clayton Campbell ◯ Tim Hawkinson by Christopher Miles ◯ L.A. Street Style by Aaron Rose

TIME MACHINE → ◯ Felix Gonzalez-Torres by Robert Nickas


GLOBAL ART→ ◯ Claude Closky by Pascal Beausse

My Barbarian by Aimee Chang


SPOTLIGHT → ◯ British Art Show 6 by Neil Mulholland

REVIEWS → ◯ Nate Lowman Maccarone Inc./New York ◯ Catherine Sullivan Metro Pictures/New York ◯ Mark Bradford Sikkema Jenkins & Co./New York ◯ Richard Tuttle Whitney Museum/New York ◯ Monique Prieto ACME/New York ◯ Andrea Zittel Contemporary Arts Museum/Houston ◯ Laura Belém Centro Universitario Maria Antonia/São Paulo ◯ Jeff Wall Tate Modern/London ◯ Paul McCarthy Whitechapel Gallery/London ◯ Isaac Julien Victoria Miro Gallery/London ◯ Jonathan Monk ICA/London ◯ Pierre Bismuth and Michel Gondry Cosmic Galerie/Paris ◯ SEO Galerie Michael Schultz/Berlin ◯ Christian Andersson Galerie Nordenhake/Berlin ◯ Michael Sailstorfer Galerie Zink & Gegner/Berlin ◯ Manon de Boer Galerie Jan Mot/Brussels ◯ Anna Galtarossa Viafarini/Milan ◯ Bojan Sarcevic Francesca Pennone/Genoa ◯ Liam Gillick Centro de Arte Contemporaneo ◯ Song Dong Beijing Tokyo Art Projects/Beijing ◯ Kain Picken and Rob McKenzie TCB Art Inc./Melbourne