Julien Creuzet “The Possessed of Pigalle or the Tragedy of King Christophe” High Art / Paris

March 20, 2023

Dear Julien

do you know

how many gates
there are between Port-au-Prince and

how many bags
how many basements
how many hens, powders
& propulsions

how many signs on the walls
and in the migrated bodies

how many towns, kingdoms,
languages, robbed divinities

in a certified-black heart

how much desire to (h)eroticise
smack smack smack
the Atlantic-subway

in Pigalle right now
a few cabri skins
have extended their palm
above a forest that whispers

a back channel
shells rice grains
and peas ready to intone
vows of devotion

a collection of murmurs
pours out like hot streams
curled up at the foot of a piton
and suddenly spat out
in the midst of a ceremony
in a puddle of rum

do you remember
the birds between the fingers
a big snake around the neck
like a wedding ring
that unfathomable Mathilda
it’s here that she dances

there are so many of them
for Papa Legba Elegbara Eshu
holding hands with one another
dressed in pieties
forbidden to others

how could we not venerate in turn
these women fallen like rain
on the streets of Paris
where our own feet walk
all the paths of faith
where perhaps our parents once

today, on this day
it is for them
that the storm will rumble
summoned after so many calls
from the devoted hands
that work backed by the wind
to make the Seine overflow
its bridges

funeral fanfares and canon salutes
for the tragedy of kings and queens
dancing to infinity
singing with a same tremor
nap goumen jouk mayi mi jouk tan nou libere


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