Dia Chelsea’s listening space programme offers visitors a collective sonic experience

January 24, 2022

Until February 26th, 2022, the program space at Dia Chelsea will be refurbished into a listening space to celebrate the release of three sound publications by La Monte Young, Carl Craig, and Deantoni Parks and Lucy Raven. Visitors are invited to lounge and participate in a collective sonic experience. To honor Dia’s long history of engaging with sound art, visitors will be able to select tracks from a curated jukebox featuring all of Dia’s sound publications and related titles in a comfortable listening environment.

The Listening Space titles include:

On Kawara, One Million Years (Future), 1993
One Million Years (Future) was originally executed as an edition of leather-covered binders. Its first realization as a sound recording occurred at Dia, with a male and female voice counting continuously, year upon year, into the future.

Komar and Melamid, The Most Wanted Song/The Most Unwanted Song, 1997
In 1997, Komar & Melamid teamed up with Dave Soldier to create songs from the results of an online poll, where they asked people about their most wanted and most hated musical instruments, voices, forms, and styles.

Hanne Darboven, Opus 17, 1997
Hanne Darboven’s Opus 17A is a work for double bass that the artist composed immediately after finishing Kulturgeschichte 1880-1983 in 1983 and was first performed at the opening of Darboven’s 1996 exhibition at Dia.

Rodney Graham, The Bed-Bug, Love Buzz, 2000
The Bed-Bug, Love Buzz: And Other Short Songs in the Popular Idiom is a 17-track album of pop music written and performed by Rodney Graham.

Roni Horn, Saying Water, 2000
In Saying Water (The River Thames, for Example), artist Roni Horn performs a 61-minute monologue reading from her writings on water.

Chantal Akerman, A Family in Brussels, 2002
In A Family in Brussels, filmmaker Chantel Akerman theatrically reads her fictional steam-of-consciousness text encompassing multiple subjectivities and laced with autobiographical references. First performed in French in Paris and Brussels, this English-language reading premiered at Dia in 2001.

La Monte Young, Trio for Strings, 2021
Trio for Strings is the first official release of La Monte Young’s seminal composition of sustained tones and rests from 1958. This live performance by The Theatre of Eternal Music String Ensemble was recorded from the Dream House at Dia in 2015.

Deantoni Parks and Lucy Raven, Remix Ready Mix, digital release 2021; vinyl forthcoming 2022
A collaboration between Deantoni Parks and Lucy Raven, Remix Ready Mix transforms the soundtrack to Lucy Raven’s engrossing film installation Ready Mix (2021) by merging field recordings from a concrete plant in central Idaho with orchestral and nonsynchronous sound.

Carl Craig, Party/After-Party, forthcoming 2022
In Party/After-Party the Detroit-based techno DJ and producer Carl Craig represents his 2020 sound installation made for Dia Beacon. The album includes live recordings from the exhibition and four studio versions of the artist’s commission.

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