Emerging Austrian artists claim vacant Chicago retail space

February 9, 2010

“The Merger-by following this one easy rule…” is an exhibition project that Austrian artists Markus Hahn and Anna Zwingl have organized in Chicago. The show, located in a temporary storefront will open to the public on Friday February 12 and run for one week only. Hahn initiated the exhibition project during a six month residency in Chicago that the Austrian Cultural Ministry operates in the city. “The Merger-by following this one easy rule…” brings together the work of 28 emerging artists from Vienna with Marcel Hiller, Roland Kollnitz and Verena Dengler joining Hahn and Zwingl to collaborate on site- specific works to respond to the former retail space. The project’s two organizers describe the exhibition’s multidisciplinary artists as addressing issues of space, while following, “a post conceptual notion that employs a response to found atmospheres and insists on subjective authorship in the process of art making.” Contributing artists:: Markus Hahn, Anna Zwingl, Marcel Hiller, Roland Kollnitz, Verena Dengler, Klaus Gölz, Karin Hatwagner, Ulrike Johannsen, Björn Kämmerer, Daniela Löbbert, Marcin Kowalik, Philipp Leissing, Ralo Mayer, Nadine Arbeiter, Christoph Meier, Nina Frgic, André Normann, Noële Ody, Markus Kircher, Nadja Athanassowa, Ines Spenthof, Lisa Truttmann, Robert Grafschafter, Simon Reitstätter, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Sebastian Walther, Heidrun Kocher-Kocher, Hannah Swoboda.

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