QUEER HOME, an art prints sale to support LGBTIQ+ Lesvos Refugee Solidarity

April 19, 2021

10th – 30th April 2021

Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants is running an online sale of art prints in support of Lesvos LGBTIQ+ Refugee Solidarity, a group of activists who build community by providing a safe space for LGBTIQ+ migrants in Lesvos, including by organising safe emergency shelter in extreme situations.

Over the past year, the environment in Moria camp in Lesvos has continued to worsen, with the already unsanitary and unsafe conditions compounded by the threat of Covid-19. Residents of the camps are now essentially imprisoned and only one person per family is allowed to leave the camp once per week. On top of this, queer refugees have to deal with being cut off from their community, which is why the collective space of Lesvos LGBTIQ+ Refugee Solidarity is so desperately needed.

Fifteen artists and illustrators have donated new* and pre-existent artworks on the theme QUEER HOME, responding to ideas of queer sanctuary, queer shelter and queer family. The theme was inspired by what the island of Lesvos has historically symbolised for the queer community through the writings of Sappho, as well as by Lesvos LGBTIQ+ Refugee Solidarity’s project to provide safety and community.

The prints are sold at £15 and are all A3 size on 210gsm natural paper, offered as unlimited editions during a limited period of time, available only through the shop on LGSMigrants’ website. The sale will be live between 10th – 30th of April 2021. All prints will be shipped at the end of the campaign, by mid-May 2021. Shipping within the UK is charged at £4, and to the EU/Worldwide at £8. Please note that if you order more than two posters per checkout, we may need to add additional postage costs.

All profits from the sale of the artists’ prints will go directly to cover the cost of organising emergency shelter for one year on the island of Lesvos.

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