Valentino in collaboration with Elsa Majimbo – The Alphabet for Kids and Adults

March 22, 2021
Courtesy of Valentino.

Valentino launches an editorial collaboration with internet comedienne Elsa Majimbo, known for her irony and originality.

ElsaxValentino is a unique collaboration where the maison supports the publication of a book for both children and adults. Written by Elsa Majimbo and Mo Kheir, The Alphabet for Kids and Adults expresses a profound and ironic perspective of the world. Each letter is accompanied by two different phrases, one for children and the other for adults.

The book features vibrant graphics and definitions written by Elsa. The Alphabet for Kids and Adults is a testament to her comedy and understanding of what humours people. Throughout the year 2020 Elsa used her creativity and dynamic energy to create an imaginative realm, synthesized into short clips, which she shared with her audience. With this book, Elsa offers another refreshing take on the world around us. This publication strengthens the Maison’s relationship with art and culture, generating broader brand awareness for an international audience.

The book will not be available for sale, but will be produced in limited quantities and made available for friends of Maison Valentino and of Elsa Majimbo.

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