Valentino launches WritersRoadmapxValentino

February 10, 2021

Maison Valentino launches another initiative to support the arts and culture.

Valentino joined forces with Tomi Adeyemi, an Afro-American author of the bestselling novel Children of Blood and Bone. Adeyemi is a long-time friend of the Maison and is the only writer included in TIME’s list of the 100 most influential personalities of 2020. The initiative is called WritersRoadmapxValentino, which offers scholarships to 50 students who aspire to become authors. With this collaboration, Valentino demonstrates a commitment to support emerging talents and to cultivate a sense of belonging and community, by bringing together young individuals who wish to pursue a career in the arts and literature.

Valentino announces the start in mid-December 2020, allowing students to take part in a creative workshop with Tomi Adeyemi. Through #WritersRoadmapxValentino, Adeyemi guides these emerging writers from around the world, on how to develop writing techniques and encouraging them to form a community along their journey. It is a way to empower young voices and refine their passions.

Valentino is developing educational programs designed to offer professional and learning experiences. The objective of WritersRoadmap is to discover fresh voices in literature and to guide them on their creative path.

The courses began on December 4, 2020 and will continue throughout the end of 2021. The students involved are from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, which include: Nigeria, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Canada, France, England, Ireland, Kenya, Austria. The courses are open for anyone who is interested in enrolling.

Visit @thewritersroadmap and @tomiadeyemi for further details.

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