30 Years of KW – Institute for Contemporary Art

January 20, 2021

For its 30th anniversary, KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e.V. is inviting artists to revisit and reinterpret the institutions’ seminal role in the production and dissemination of contemporary art with a year-long program of exhibitions and special commissions, an art auction, an elaborate publication, and a celebratory weekend in its courtyard and neighborhood.

To mark this special occasion, KW will host various exhibitions featuring artists Renée Green, Leonilson, Michael Stevenson, and Amelie von Wulffen; group exhibitions co-curated by artists Iman Issa and Ghislaine Leung; and a new performance piece by Michele Rizzo.

From January 15 onwards, KW will unveil a series of new commissions, featuring Susan Philipsz’s acoustic work in KW’s courtyard in homage of political activist Rosa Luxemburg on the anniversary of her execution, which was created during Philipsz’s residency at KW in 2002; the re-installation of Katharina Sieverding’s monumental print Deutschland wird deutscher (1993) is to be displayed in the entranceway of KW as well as on billboards across Berlin in April-May; and artist Sissel Tolaas will create a limited edition of soap carefully composed from particles she collected at the KW building, a former margarine factory.

Complementing this program, a major two-part art auction, organized in collaboration with renowned Berlin-based fine art auction house Grisebach, will take place in June and December 2021, featuring works by over 60 artists who have significantly contributed to KW’s legacy. The annual program’s key event will be a weekend-long celebration on July 2 – 4, 2021, featuring an extensive program of events, performances, and the launch of the first publication retracing KW’s history.

The anniversary program includes the following events:

Commission by Susan Philipsz, Rosa, 2002

April – May
Commission by Katharina Sieverding, Deutschland wird deutscher, 1993.

Art auction with Berlin auction house Grisebach

July 2 – 4
Celebratory weekend full of performances and events around Auguststrasse
Commission by Sissel Tolaas

Art auction with Berlin auction house Grisebach

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