Human Resources Los Angeles invites applications for residencies

July 6, 2020

Human Resources Los Angeles – HRLA invites applications for residencies of one to two weeks in their 4,000 square foot space in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles. These residencies may support a specific project or they may simply give an artist time in their space. HRLA also invites applications from artists who would like to work within an HRLA residency framework, but who need to do so in a way that best supports their wellbeing — e.g. by working from home and making use of our virtual resources – social media platforms, mailing lists. The residency includes a minimum $500 stipend.

Selection guidelines
HRLA will aim to support local artists who do not have access to studio space, whose practices resonate with HRLA’s support of performance-based, interdisciplinary, underexposed, and/or experimental modes, artists engaging/responding to and/or seeking refuge from systemic racism, artists working outside/on the edges of commercial systems. HRLA is keen to support people who have a history with their institution, as well as people who would like to establish one. They will consider the feasibility of any project proposals given our commitment to public health & our space’s strengths & limits. For example, HRLA may be able to support short-term installation/projection for private viewing only, use of the building’s exterior (e.g. our marquee) and engagement with online platforms.

Working safely during the pandemic
HRLA will collaborate with the artist in residence to make sure they can work safely. A professional will clean the space between residencies. HRLA will furthermore leave a cushion of time between residencies. The space is very large but not well-ventilated when the doors are closed. Any viewing of work inside HRLA will be by-appointment and restricted. Any visitors to the space must wear masks, practice social distancing and leave contact information with the origanization, should contact tracing be necessary.

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