Gavin Brown closes his 26-year-old gallery to join Barbara Gladstone

July 21, 2020

British artist turned dealer Gavin Brown, is closing down the homonymous 26 year old contemporary art gallery, to merge with Gladstone Gallery.

This partnership portrays the unprecedented turmoil in the art market, and will possibly have an impact on the world’s contemporary art sector. Gladstone gallery will terminate the historical Gavin Brown’s enterprise founded in 1994, who represented a large amount of prominent artists of our time. Looking forward, this move may signify an innovative and progressive way of adjusting into the art world today. While the merger will increase its global circuit, Brown’s Enterprise will end the history of a gallery that initiated the career of many prominent artists such as Peter Doig and Urs Fischer.

Gladstone will now take 10 previously represented artists by Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, into their space, bringing the gallery to a powerful and top tier level. The artists joining Gladstone are the performance art groundbreaker Joan Jonas, video artist Ed Atkins, Venice Biennale’s Golden-Lion-winner Arthur Jafa, and Alex Katz. Rirkrit Tiravanija, Mark Leckey, and Frances Stark will also be joining the Gladstone family. Long running artists such as Rachel Rose, LaToya Ruby Frazier, and Kerstin Brätsch will follow Gavin Brown in this partnership.

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