QuaRANTine Choir, A Series of Audio Performances for Cell Phones

June 22, 2020

QuaRANTine Choir is a growing compilation of commissioned audio works by an international group of artists from various backgrounds. It is dedicated to the rant as an artistic format, motivated by feminist and queer perspectives. The series is conceived as a scattered yet collective choir, that is delayed only by time and distance. Each artist departs from the previous rant hence adding a new voice to the QuaRANTine Choir.

For the digital community and audio project QuaRANTine Choir, at least 10 artists and musicians are invited to play around with whatever ranting and queer/feminist noise means to them and to create a short audio work. Cell phones or other mobile devices serve as recording as well as listening devices. Since each rant is sent to the next artist as starting material, the whole series also works as a slowed-down artistic chain reaction.

Starting Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 one new episode of the series will be published weekly on Soundcloud.

Rant #1: Nora Turato
The first audio performance is by Nora Turato, an Amsterdam-based artist who in her performances uses a cacophony of voices and fuses a mixture of source materials in an attempt to dismantle the preconceived ideas of femininity. In her performances, artist Nora Turato incessantly calls for an “almost nonsensical desire to be loud, too much, unstable, possibly insane in public and to make something out of it,” largely because the general public seems not quite ready to have a woman shriek, rant, gossip, and whine at them, or stare them down.

Rant #2: Moriah Evans
Moriah Evans is a New York-based choreographer who works on and through forms of dance and performance. Her choreographies navigate utopic and dystopic potentials within choreography/dance/body, often approaching dance as a fleshy, matriarchal form between minimalism-excess.

Rant #3: Felicia Atkinson
The third track entitled “None of the Two Things” is by visual artist, experimental musician, and poet Félicia Atkinson. Félicia’s work deals with topics of deep listening, cut ups, silence, noise, and language and is a combination of improvisation and superimposed composition, as an abstract woven material, where the voice meets electronics, acoustic instruments, and electric distortions.

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