Leila Hekmat “CROCOPAZZO!” Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi / Berlin

June 18, 2020

A hyperbolic comedy about a mother and her children that look to experimental modes of treatment, therapeutic practices and self-developed products to find their authentic person, and make the best of things.
The setting: an intimate tv sound stage. A host interviews each of them and guides us through the complexity of this unusual self-obsessed ménage to understand the method to their madness and wonders with the audience if they perhaps have found the answers. For sale and on display a family / cult and much more than just your average goods and services. Equilibrium is lunacy and self betterment is curse of capitalism.
Mother is exceptionally alive to language and gesture, to the layers of meaning in every utterance; Alive to power play and conscious and unconscious manipulations. She doesn’t see any pain,
desolation or terror in madness. She doesn’t glamorize it or claim it doesn’t exist. Rather she believes that the family could generate psychotic behavior in one member who was selected more or
less unconsciously to bear the brunt of family dysfunction. Although sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish which member of this family has been chosen. Perhaps it is mother herself….

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