Peter Halley – Heterotopia I • Curated by Gea Politi

April 1, 2019

The Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and Flash Art present Heterotopia I, a solo exhibition by Peter Halley in the historic spaces of the Magazzini del Sale, no. 3, on the occasion of Venice Biennale. The exhibition is curated by Gea Politi, director of Flash Art, and will run from May 8 through August 10.

Heterotopia is the “other space”, differentiated from everyday spaces for a special purpose, according to the de notion of French philosopher Michel Foucault. Halley translates heterotopia into a narrative environment, leading from and to the “many places” of the artist. Here, rooms connect, transform, chase each other, forming aesthetic conduits of the mind. The powerful sizes of the Magazzini del Sale features a forty-meter-long tunnel that is “connected to all the other spaces, but in such a way as to suspend, neutralize, or invert the set of relations that they themselves designate or reflect ”.

Heterotopia I is a landmark installation by the celebrated New York artist and theorist who came to prominence as a leader of the Neo-conceptual movement, one of the most in infuential artistic developments of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

“May You Live In Interesting Times”, the title of this year’s Venice Biennale, opens a discussion on the uncertain state of our times. Our “interesting times” are unclear; the word “interesting” can lead to several interpretations. These times force us to pose new questions about how we can prepare for such a precarious era. Peter Halley’s dynamic postindustrial environment creates both isolation and connection, a state of tension that mirrors our rapidly changing mediascape — a theoretical terrain that the artist has been exploring since the late 1970s.”

Gea Politi, Flash Art, Director

Peter Halley (born 1953) is a central figure in the Neo-Conceptualist movement of the 1980s. Known for his Day-Glo geometric paintings, Halley is also regarded as a writer, the former publisher of INDEX magazine, and a teacher, having served as Director of Graduate Studies in Painting and Printmaking at the Yale University School of Art from 2002 to 2011. Halley lives and works in New York City.

Gea Politi is publisher and editor-in-chief of Flash Art since 2015. Founder of the gallery CONDUITS
in Milan in 2008, she curated personal and collective exhibitions in independent spaces and held conferences in academies, fairs and international institutions. She is also an advisor of the Ethical Fashion Initiative of the United Nations to support its work in the area of culture and identity building sectors. Lives and works in Milan.

Flash Art is a contemporary art magazine that has outlined and coined the most significant moments in art from 1967 onwards. Today Flash Art has two editions, an Italian and an international edition, and is distributed in 87 countries. The magazine participates in the most important biennials, art fairs, and international art events. It is a point of reference for gallery owners, collectors, and academics worldwide. Flash Art maintains a robust online and social-media presence, with flagship websites www.flash— and www. flash— Flash Art is directed by Gea Politi, who is also the publisher, and by Cristiano Seganfreddo.

The Academy of Fine Arts of Venice is one of the oldest academies in Italy, having started its life in 1750 at the headquarters of San Marco in the “Fontegheto de la Farina”; the first President was Giambattista Tiepolo. It is one of the most prestigious Italian academies, highly regarded for its teaching sta and research facilities. The Academy maintains a huge book collection, preserved in its Library and Historical Archive — a heritage recently computerized for better accessibility to scholars and young researchers. The Academy maintains international relations with the most respected European universities and institutions of high culture; promotes educational activities and artistic research with important European and non-European nations; and organizes exhibitions, cultural events, and conferences in collaboration with the most signi cant national and international cultural institutions. In addition to a headquarters of about 8,000 square meters located at the Zattere, and educational spaces on the island of San Servolo and Forte Marghera, The Academy of Fine Arts of Venice includes the Magazzino del Sale n.3, an exhibition space of historical importance, now completely renovated, flexible, and equipped with innovative air conditioning and lighting systems.

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