Hammer Museum’s prize for New Biennial / Los Angeles

March 19, 2012

The HammerMuseum in Los Angeles is launching a $100,000 art prize in conjunction with its first biennial “Made in LA 2012”, which opens 2 June.

The prize will be funded by LA philanthropists and collectors Jarl and Pamela Mohn. The prize will be similar to the WhitneyMuseum’s Bucksbaum Award, which goes to an artist showing at the Whitney Biennale. Helen Stoilas of the Art Newspaper says that it will rival Tate’s Turner Prize, which is only £25,000 but is given annually. “I truly believe that LA is the creative capital of the world and we are delighted to work with Annie and her team at the Hammer in the establishment of this prize,” says Jarl Mohn in a press statement sent out by the museum. “It is our hope that the prize brings significant attention to ‘Made in LA’ as well as the thriving contemporary art scene in LA.” In addition to the cash prize, a limited edition monographic book on the winning artist’s work will be published. Mohn said he was, “even more excited about the book than the money. Not only are we going to publish a monograph for the artist, but I will send at our expense this book and the Hammer [biennial] catalog to 500 of the most influential people in emerging art: curators, dealers, collectors, critics. I want to help to put even more L.A. artists on the map.”

The winner will be chosen by people who see the exhibition, after a panel of art experts narrow the selection to five finalists.

“Made in L.A” will run from June 2 – September 2, 2012 at the HammerMuseum, Los Angeles.

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