Production of Murakami’s “Jellyfish Eyes” started / Paris

January 31, 2012

Takashi Murakami, most famously known for his solo exhibition at the Chateau De Versailles and collaboration with Louis Vuitton, is now in production mode for his first film.

A work of fantasy by Takashi Murakami, over ten years in the making. Titled “Jellyfish Eyes,” the film is based on the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, fand ollows a young boy who has to move with his family to an “experimental city” where each child is paired with a small monster.

Murakami states: “I am someone who often has trouble communicating with people. It is for that reason that I became an artist, the overwhelming urge to share my heart with those around me through my work. I feel that it is the same for all people who create for a living… That is why we have no choice but to join hands and weave a single message together. This is the sort of film that I want to share with all of you reading this. We will put our faith in the belief that this passion will come across and labor to bring our work to life. As the person on this set with the least knowledge and experience of film production, I know that I should refrain from saying these sorts of things, but I desperately wanted to share and record my first impressions and here we are. Jellyfish Eyes has begun production. Thank you to everyone for your support.”

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