Biennale Danza, “When I Am Facing U” Teatro Piccolo Arsenale / Venice

July 28, 2023

In occasion of the premiere of the Biennale Danza, Xie Xin presents When I am facing U. A choreographic work on the perception of the Self and its relation with the other, that lends substance to those moments of silent solitude.

“In silence, there is an indefinable feeling which is well remembered by the body. I am facing you, facing myself, facing the problems, facing this moment. Everyone will encounter a moment when there are ripples in your heart, and many words in your mind. Time and memory wash against my cheeks. I stand still and get pulled by something, unable to take a step, let alone say a word … That is something captured and well-remembered by the body, but there is just no way to express it in words. It is so precious that I want to capture this very moment in my memory” – Xie Xin

“When people encounter different people, different relationships and different situations, their state is naturally altered. They are connected to their environment and surroundings, and have their personal reactions. I define myself as an honest and attentive observer and experiencer of life, since I always reflect upon my own experiences and reactions with different people, at different stages, and in various situations. I constantly update my self-perception, which is also a reflection of common human life experiences. After all, we share some commonality despite cultural differences, as there is something universal in you and me. What remains constant is that we are always changing, constantly being inspired, and constantly pondering. As a choreographer, I transform this into the seeds and core of my dance works. My dance work is related to the concept of altered states, and what it wants to express and explore in an abstract way is the reactions towards different relationships in one’s life, the ripples of different mutuality; When I Am Facing U is like a mirror that allows you to see the “lightness and heaviness” experienced by each individual in their daily life.

The dancers will wear costumes designed and created for the occasion by Matthieu Blazy for Bottega Veneta, which for the third year in a row is supporting Biennale Danza.

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