Vivian Caccuri and Miles Greenberg “The Shadow of Spring” New Museum / New York

November 27, 2022

“The Shadow of Spring” investigates the phenomenon of vibration and how it is capable of generating collective transformative experiences. Featuring newly commissioned sculptures, installations, embroidery pieces, and sound works developed separately and in collaboration, this installation will form an encompassing environment created to provoke alternative ways to experience the sonic dimension. Inspired by how different rhythms and frequencies can affect group dynamics (as in temples, dancefloors, and urban spaces), Caccuri and Greenberg look into the multifaceted relationships between bodies and soundwaves. With works that point to the unseen dimensions of life and subjectivity, this presentation will highlight the invisible bonds that connect us to one another, reflecting on how sound can integrate communities and dismantle preconceived ideas of what bodies are, can do, and can become.

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