SuperRare opens a pop-up gallery in New York from May to August

May 2, 2022
MadMaraca, The Line to Anchor City.

SuperRare, the pioneering marketplace for curated NFT artwork, will debut their first ever pop-up gallery in New York City, dedicated to showcasing a rotating program of curated NFT artwork exhibitions and programs. Powered by the $RARE token, located in SoHo and open to the public from May 19 through August 28, 2022, the SuperRare Gallery will serve as a space to convene digital artists, collectors, and enthusiasts as well as serve as a unique platform to experience digital art in an immersive environment. A total of five curated exhibitions will run over the three-month gallery pop-up organized by the SuperRare curatorial team as well as guest curators to present a wide range of thematic showcases of NFT artwork. The debut exhibition, “Visions from Remembered Futures”, curated by SuperRare Senior Curator An Rong features works by 15 digital artists exploring themes of science fiction and futurism, and will be on view from May 19 through June 8, 2022.

Bridging the gap between the digital and physical realm, the SuperRare Gallery aims to showcase a curated and diverse range of digital art, a fast growing and often misunderstood artistic medium with the intent to make it accessible, beautiful, and inspiring and to foster in-person connections and conversation. Digital art has been historically sidelined by galleries and museums, in part due to the difficulties of physically exhibiting and collecting works whose natural home is a virtual space. Over the past few years, NFTs have enabled artists and collectors to elevate artworks whose digital medium reflects visually those linguistically inexpressible realities of our fast-paced post-digital world. Showcasing artists from diverse backgrounds, the SuperRare Gallery aims to explore art’s future place in the web3 ecosystem, while reflecting on the past astronomical year when NFTs entered the mainstream consciousness.

Visions from “Remembered Futures”, SuperRare Gallery’s debut exhibition features the work of 15 SuperRare artists exploring themes of Sci-Fi inspired by cyberpunk landscapes of both the near and far future. Though created in different styles, the artworks share a common thread: a futuristic reflection on the human condition and its ever-expanding relation to machines. This genre of Sci-Fi NFTs is unique, as each artwork contains within it an entire world and mythology. Rather than a common Dystopian outlook, this debut show will celebrate the newly liberated freedom of expression for artists amid a digital art Renaissance, a break from the conventional art world traditions and politics. The show will feature artworks by Alex Ness, Blake Kathryn, Botto, Dangiuz, David Bianchi, Federico Clapis, Fernando Magalhaes, Idil Dursun, lphacentaurikid, Krista Kim, Mari.K, Maskarade, Reuben Wu, Vintagemozart, Xsullo, and Zomax.

Programming at the SuperRare Gallery will include a dedicated exhibition for Pride Month curated by Nicole Ruggiero, Samantha Carey, Laurel Charleston, an exhibition dedicated to two-dimensional digital painting, and a showcase of works by Black digital artists curated by Malian artist and singer Inna Modja.

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