Contemporary Curating: Radical, Digital, Diverse, an online conference by IMPAKT Foundation

February 14, 2022
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Poka-Yio, Ine Gevers, Renzo Martens, Doreen A. Ríos, Wade Wallerstein, and Valentina Tanni. Courtesy of IMPAKT Foundation.

What are the new challenges facing contemporary art today? How do we ensure that art responds to the pressing changes brought about by developments in technology and politics? Or: how do we keep art idiosyncratic, contemporary and radical? To answer these questions, join IMPAKT Foundation on Saturday, February 19th for the conference Contemporary Curating: Radical, Digital, Diverse. During this online event we speak with internationally acclaimed curators, including a keynote by the director of Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in Turin Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, plus two panel discussions – one with co-founder of the Athens Biennale Poka-Yio, director of the Niet Normaal INT Foundation Ine Gevers and artist Renzo Martens; and the other with director of [ANTI]MATERIA Doreen A. Ríos, digital anthropologist, strategist and curator Wade Wallerstein and curator and professor of Digital Art at Politecnico University in Milan Valentina Tanni.

Technology and the Internet have become intrinsic to how we make, experience, present, reflect on and share art. It is within this context of rapid communication and short-lived hypes that we argue that art should provoke and react to current social and political debates. Art should also respond to new developments – technology-related or not – within the art world itself, such as the rise of new forms of digital art and visual languages (including memes or NFT’s) and the new modes of audience engagement for museums.

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