New Museum presents From Black Boxes to Open Systems, a knowledge-sharing initiative

April 12, 2021
Constant Dullaart, The New Outside, 2020. Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam. Courtesy Upstream Gallery

From Black Boxes to Open Systems” is a knowledge-sharing initiative presented by the New Museum’s digital art affiliate Rhizome. The project aims to support artists and art organizations to develop a better understanding of the concepts, skills, and infrastructure necessary for the exhibition, collection, and stewardship of born-digital art of all kinds.

In this illustrated talk, Rhizome’s Artistic Director Michael Connor will discuss approaches to curating online exhibitions, drawing on historical and contemporary examples. He will argue that online exhibitions are not just a means of promoting or sharing work that would otherwise be seen in a physical gallery, but a diverse set of cultural practices that are both connected to and distinct from traditional exhibition.

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