Taiwan Contemporary Culture lab hosts the workshop BUILD A COQUI

December 14, 2020

Xose Quiroga from IMVEC.tech (@Barcelona) joined by Andrew Lin presents BUILD A COQUI workshop to launch LAB KILL LAB’s WATERIA work station.

The Coqui is a small circuit that allows to measure the conductivity of liquids developed by the Publiclab community. Its main characteristic is that instead of obtaining a numerical value, the Coqui emits a sound depending on the conductivity of the liquid we are examining, the sound being lower if the liquid is not very conductive and higher if the liquid is more conductive. The level of conductivity in a body of water indicates degrees of water pollution. The sound generated by the Coqui can be subsequently recorded, analyzed, stored and used as a musical instrument. In this workshop the participants will learn how to build a Coqui conductivity sensor.

We welcome your participation if you are over 9 years of age. At the end of the workshop, each participant takes home own Coqui sensor.

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