Architectural Association School of Architecture, London announces 24/7-360° Live Sessions and 360° AA Summer School

July 6, 2020

From 9–15 July, the AA’s live sessions will be launched online and show both recorded and live-streamed content from different geographical longitudes and time zones around the world. The platform aims to foster a globally-connected architectural community and structure an international critical conversation, and aspires to provide intimacy and personal interaction in a time of social distancing.
Architects, designers, curators, researchers, students and artists from around the world will be invited to provide content for the platform, and will question how we come together now, how we teach now and how we learn now as formats, habits and rituals are being challenged and redefined.
Live interviews, roundtable discussions and walking tours will interrupt the sequence of scheduled shows, and since it is always going to be five o’clock somewhere, expect to watch and participate in workout and cooking sessions, DJ sets and concerts that will peek into kitchens, bedrooms, studios and offices in different corners of the globe.
24/7-360° Live Sessions will be completely open and accessible to everyone through the AA website. The platform will become the place to meet, discuss, interact and to exchange experiences and speculations about the current crisis. It will provide an opportunity to think about the future, our agency and our responsibilities as an architectural community.

This year’s Summer School will operate in conjunction with 24/7-360° Live Sessions. Occurring from 16–23 July, it will draw material and inspiration from the content produced and streamed the week before.
Unit leaders will present their briefs for the Summer School using the TV platform, and each student will select their preferred unit according to their interests. The units will be comprised of eight students, who will undertake daily work with their tutors in order to produce a collective piece of work.
The Summer School will this year revolve around three pressing, contemporary issues: the climate, ethics and health. Each theme will be manifested in a virtual room within which participants can exchange ideas, articulate arguments and present their work both individually and collectively.
The daily schedule will be punctured by lunchtime lectures, evening roundtable discussions, portfolio reviews, digital pinups, workouts, music and happy hour sessions. A virtual exhibition to showcase the students’ work, as well as a public forum for conversation, will conclude the Summer School week.

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