ICA Los Angeles: call for applications for the Field Workshop

June 29, 2020

ICA LA will make its Field Workshop space available for use by artists and community groups dedicated to the movement for change. ICA LA will consider short-term projects and activities that focus on learning, civic engagement, and self-care. Activities and actions could include: meetings; workshops; learning groups; meditation sessions; supplies distribution center; video production; others services.
Projects can range between 1-5 days, beginning the week of July 13 through August, 2020.

Deadline to submit:
Round 1 for July: submit by June 30
Round 2 for August: submit by July 17

ICA LA will provide
-Field Workshop space for use and staff support
-Promotion via social media and newsletter (if needed)

Considerations before submitting an inquiry:
-Projects must have elements of learning, civic engagement, or self-care and support the movement for social change through such actions as advocacy, resources, training, and service. -Projects can, but need not be, public-facing. Private gatherings are welcome.
-ICA LA will consider and select projects through an internal review process.
-All partners must abide by the museum’s safety protocols. Social-distancing, mask-wearing, and other safety measures will be required.
-Projects must take place within the museum’s normal business hours (unless negotiated otherwise).
-Field Workshop is 1400 sq. ft.
-Promotion for the projects, if necessary, must be developed in partnership with ICA LA and all materials approved.

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