Flash Art no. 227 April-May 2001 by

by May 23, 2020

Flash Art Covers: the historic covers of Flash Art International told by Helena Kontova.

Maurizio Cattelan, Him, 2011 for Flash Art no. 227, April-May 2001.

I was traveling to New York with my daughter Gea when Massimiliano Gioni, Maurizio Cattelan’s alter ego as well as Flash Art Editor at that time, proposed the theme on “the power of images” for the upcoming issue of Flash Art, a very pertinent one. It was shortly before the Twin Towers fall and shortly after the devastation of the Buddha statues in Afghanistan by the Taliban, and Massimiliano was very much in tune with that moment. Hitler’s eight-year-old body figurine with his sick and glacial look was the perfect embodiment. That exorcist agony suddenly reminded me of my father’s reclusion in Mauthausen.

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