Kaspar Müller / Frankfurt Freakout

January 26, 2016

Released on the occasion of Müller’s solo exhibition at the Museum im Bellpark, in Kriens, this publication showcases a selection of photographs taken by the artist, over a year-long period, in second­hand shops, flea markets, antique stores and auction houses in Berlin.

Art objects, bibelots and “discarded commodities” are framed as elusive, ghostly presences caught within fading backgrounds. They are vectors of the past, the scoria of history; fully extradited from the present, they convey shifting values concerning sentimentality, historicization and commodification. As reflected by the materiality of the publication itself — a lightweight, stapled paper booklet inserted into a transparent plastic sleeve — Müller’s images display objects whose very existence, meaning and usability in the world are interrogated.

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