Alex Logsdail on Lisson new opening in Chelsea / New York

December 8, 2014

After a second space in Milan and an office in the Lower East Side, you are finally opening an 8,500-square-foot gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood.What will make this project different from London and Milan?

The style and scale of the gallery are quite unique and will be quite different in what they offer our artists compared to the spaces we have in London and Milan. While the space is large, it’s still on a human scale, which we felt was very important for artists to be able to work with. Intimacy was always part of our decision-making.

Some of your artists are represented by galleries in New York. Will you collaborate with them? Will you create a special program?

Our artists are very happy with their New York representation and we don’t see any reason to disrupt this. The program will be a combination of artists that we already show in London as well as some additional artists who we have not shown previously.

Galleries in the city often invite guest curators to work with a program and bring in new artists. Will you do that as well?

Possibly. It’s something we have done intermittently and will do again if the right context presents itself.

Why Chelsea?

Why not Chelsea? It’s a very unique part of the art world. Nowhere else in the world can you visit so many galleries in such a small area. The scale of the buildings is quite special. We also had an opportunity to build something from the ground up on 24th Street, at a time when there is seemingly no space left in the neighborhood.

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