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Flash Art #309 June – July – August 2016

In this issue we have decided to approach art via alternative means and focus on fiction. As art writers and editors, many of our contributors are simultaneously engaged with the literary world; and, likewise, a number of visual artists are also prolific writers and publishers of fiction. We have invited a range of authors from all of these fields to contribute short literary works to the magazine’s usual mix of critical essays, interviews and reviews.


These various contributions explore a range of fictional scenarios, from an artist’s deep attentiveness to scent as part of a system of making, to Kanye West’s launch of a face cream made with an artist collaborator. Storytelling structures include object-oriented narrative, online role-play, personal correspondence and the comic strip. Whether the subject matter is a recounted nightmare, a crisis of artistic confidence or a visit to the dentist’s chair, each narrative is offered as a reflection on art and art-making across today’s manifold realities.


DATA → ◯ Frequencies by Jesse Stecklow

FEATURE → ◯ Herald by Huw Lemmey ◯ Flugtraum by Mark Von Schlegell ◯ No, Cup by Diane Williams ◯ Katie by Matt Sheridan Smith ◯ Viewer by Aidan Koch ◯ U in a movie called “La Notte” by Travis Jeppesen ◯ A Letter to Mr. Jing by Hu Fang ◯ Snowblind by Massimo Grimaldi ◯ A Brief Disturbance by Gary Indiana ◯ Hinterland Art by Ingo Niermann ◯ Film Clowns of the Depression by Nancy Lupo ◯ New Sincerity by Erika Landström ◯ No Drama by Camille Blatrix ◯ The Cult of Freedom by Chris Kraus ◯ For Nathalie by Lodovico Pignatti Morano ◯ ___A___Hexagon by Cheng Ran ◯ Press List by Natasha Stagg ◯ February by Gasconade ◯ No Real Corpse by Felix Bernstein and Cassandra Seltman ◯ Work by Cecilia Corrigan ◯ The Street Times / No. 2 / Summer 2016 by Tobias Kaspar ◯ Dust Corps by Elaine Cameron-Weir ◯ Make-Up by Tom Burr ◯ Alarm! by Peter Wächtler


MICRO → ◯ Considerable Inner Strength — Tiziano Scarpa by Vincenzo Latronico

REVIEWS → ◯ Haim Steinbach Tanya Bonakdar, New York ◯ Yve Laris Cohen Company, New York ◯ Kerry James Marshall MCA, Chicago ◯ John Miller Richard Telles, Los Angeles ◯ Shimabuku Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles ◯ “The Natural Order of Things” Museo Jumex, Mexico City ◯ “Ways of Living” David Roberts Art Foundation, London ◯ Jörg Immendorf Michael Werner, London ◯ Lynda Benglis Bergen Assembly ◯ Alexandra Navratil Dan Gunn, Berlin ◯ Ari Benjamin Meyers RaebervonStenglin, Zurich ◯ Agnieszka Brzeżańska Kasia Michalski, Warsaw ◯ “Ballistic Poetry” La Verrière Hermès, Bruxelles ◯ Jill Mulleady Gaudel De Stampa, Paris ◯ Riccardo Baruzzi P420, Bologna ◯ Prabhakar Pachpute NGMA, Mumbai ◯ “Afterwork” Para Site, Hong Kong; Hanako Murakami Taka Ishii, Tokyo