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Flash Art #299 November – December 2014

NEWS → ◯ Zurich Daniel Baumann appointed at Kunsthalle Zurich ◯ Los Angeles Chateau Shatto opening ◯ Stockholm Public Art agency hosts Creative Time Summit ◯ New York Lisson in Chelsea ◯ Guangzhou Observation Society ◯ Geneva Marbriers 4 ◯ What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present ◯ London Union Pacific ◯ Kochi Kochi Muziris Biennale ◯ Los Angeles LA><ART ◯ Shanghai ART021 ◯ Karen Kilimnik: Photographs, Edition Patrick Frey

SPOTLIGHT → ◯ “Pictures, Before and After: A Symposium and Exhibition for Douglas Crimp” Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art and Galerie Buchholz, Berlin by Andreas Schlaegel


ART BIZ → ◯ Lisa Spellman 303 Gallery, New York by Donatien Grau


ADROIT → ◯ The Haas Brothers by Daniele Balice


BRAND NEW → ◯ Bunny Rogers by Harry Burke


TIME MACHINE → ◯ A Salon History of Appropriation — Leo Castelli and Sturtevant by Dan Cameron


FEATURE → ◯ The Awakening of the Individual — Li Shurui, Wang Guangle and Xie Molin by He Jing ◯ Communication is the Enemy — Neïl Beloufaby Maurizio Cattelan ◯ Once We Were Human — Arca by Steph Kretowicz ◯ Liquid Hells — Anne Imhof by Tobias Madison


QUESTIONNAIRE → ◯ Says the Specialist – Five questions on the future of auction houses

REVIEWS → ◯ Cory Arcangel Team Gallery/New York ◯ lja Karilampi The Suzanne Geiss Company/NewYork ◯ Julia Wachtel Transformer Station/Cleveland/Ohio ◯ Chuck Nanney Jenny’s/Los Angeles ◯ Dashiell Manley Redling Fine Art/Los Angeles ◯ Renaud Jerez Lodos/Mexico City ◯ Heathers Rowing Projects/London ◯ Djurberg & Berg Lisson Gallery/London ◯ Allegory of the Cave Painting Extra City/Antwerp ◯ Guan Xiao Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler/Berlin ◯ Marc Camille Chaimowicz Galerie Neu/Berlin ◯ Vittorio Brodmann Galerie Gregor Staiger/Zurich ◯ Jonathan Binet Gaudel de Stampa/Paris ◯ Anthropocène Monument Les Abattoirs/Toulouse ◯ Karthik Pandian Federica Schiavo Gallery/Rome ◯ Mona Marzouk Gypsum Gallery/Cairo ◯ Hema Upadhyay Chemould Prescott Road/Mumbai ◯ ZhouTao Pavilion Vitamin Creative Space/Beijing