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Flash Art #297 July – August – September 2014

Hong Kong Lars Nittve, M+; New Orleans Franklin Sirmans, Prospect.3; Paul Chan: Selected Writings 2000–2014; Tel Aviv’s art scene; New York Eli Ping Frances Perkins; London/Stockholm Carl Kostyál; Biel/Bienne Swiss Sculpture Exhibition; Jerusalem, Dor Guez’s Christian Palestinian Archive; London Piper Keys; Bolzano Antonio Dalle Nogare; 1968: Italian Radical Design

Ettore Spalletti
by Michele D’Aurizio

Art Biz
Paula Cooper
by Donatien Grau

Brand New
Basim Magdy
by Antonia Alampi

An Ecstatic Unity — Dorothy Iannone
by Karen Archey

Finding Things Out — Ruairiadh O’Connell
by Darren Flook

Examining the Current State of Art Education

The New Uncanny
This is Cannibal Island Now — Gary Indiana
by Lodovico Pignatti Morano

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Washing Machine — Francesco Vezzoli
by Maurizio Cattelan

Taking Part in the World — Fang Lu
by Edward Sanderson

Other Primary Structures Jewish Museum/New York; Sanya Kantarovsky Casey Kaplan/New York; Virginia Overton Museum of Contemporary Art/Miami; Stanya Kahn Susanne Vielmetter Projects/Los Angeles; Postcodes: Soft Casa do Povo/São Paulo; Play What’s Not There Raven Row/London; World Music Carlos Ishikawa/London; He Han Daniel Templon/Brussels; Pierre Klossowski Isabella Bortolozzi/Berlin; Anne Imhof Debora Schamoni/Munich; Georgia Sagri Kunsthalle Basel; Pierre Ardouvin and Przemek Matecki Progress Gallery/Paris; Chen Zhen Galerie Perrotin/Paris; Robert Overby GAMeC/Bergamo; Charbel Joseph H.Boutros Grey Noise/Dubai; Yang Fudong ShangART/Shanghai; Ai Shinohara Gallery MoMo/Tokyo