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Flash Art #253 March – April 2007

NEWS → ◯ 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial ◯ The Damien Hirst Collection ◯ At the Galleries ◯ Group Shows ◯ High Times Hard Times ◯ Italian Landscape ◯ Aperto Armenia and Azerbaijan

FEATURE → ◯ Willoughby Sharp by Andrea Bellini ◯ The Good, the Bad and the Very Bad: Theory of the Market by Jerry Saltz ◯ Francesca Woodman by Elizabeth Janus ◯ Monica Bonvicini by Massimiliano Gioni ◯ Sci-Fi Historicism (Part 1) by Jan Tumlir ◯ Eric Wesley by Sonia Campagnola ◯ Maaike Schoorel by Pablo Lafuente ◯ Jannis Kounellis by Andrea Bellini


TIME MACHINE → ◯ Sherrie Levine by Paul Taylor


OUVERTURE → ◯ Matthieu Ronsse by Tanguy Eeckhout

GLOBAL → ◯ Doug Aitken: Sleepwalkers by Courtney J. Martin


SPOTLIGHT → ◯ Magritte and Contemporary Art by Melissa Lo

REVIEWS → ◯ Terence Koh Whitney Museum/New York ◯ Marilyn Minter Salon 94/New York ◯ Adi Nes Jack Shainman Gallery/New York ◯ Michael Fullerton Greene Naftali/New York ◯ Dan Peterman Andrea Rosen Gallery/New York ◯ Giulio Paolini Marian Goodman and Yvon Lambert Galleries/New York and Paris ◯ Paul Pfeiffer MC Kunst/Los Angeles ◯ Song Dong/Yin Xiuzhen REDCAT/Los Angeles; Hélio Oiticica Museum of Fine Arts/Houston; Tino Sehgal ICA/London; Dexter Dalwood Gagosian Gallery/London; Stef Driesen Alison Jacques Gallery/London; Victor Grippo Camden Arts Centre/London; Rob Fischer Max Wigram Gallery/London; Andreas Slominski Museum für Moderne Kunst/Frankfurt; Lisa Lapinski Johann König/Berlin; Chris Evans REC Annex Project Space at Esther Schipper/Berlin; Fong-Leng/Isa Genzken/Keren Cytter Galerie Chantal Crousel/Paris; Dan Perjovschi Galerie Michel Rein/Paris; Jutta Koether Kunsthalle Bern/Bern; Paola Pivi Nicola Trussardi Foundation/Milan; Gabriela Vanga Galeria Plan B/Cluj; Shinro Ohtake Museum of Contemporary Art/Tokyo; James Angus Museum of Contemporary Art/Sydney