Simone Holliger “venir en main” Kunsthaus Baselland / Basel

February 20, 2023

For several years now, award-winning, Simone Holliger has worked with carefully chosen materials. Through an experimental, process based approach, she creates sculptures that are typically several meters in height and width.They grow in and together with the space surrounding them. Voluminous and compact and at the same time permeable and light, the objects play with our visual habits and invite us to consider the solid and the empty, the recto and the verso, the visible and the hidden.

Born in 1986 and living and working in the Basel area, the artist also thinks about the space, builds and shapes it—its texture and tonal value, as well as the smells, temperatures, and people that inhabit it. “venir en main” is Simone Holliger’s largest institutional presentation in Basel to date. Concurrently with her solo show, she will also design the Annual Exterior Project 2023.

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