OCAT Shenzhen presents the creative exhibition The Curation Workshop II

February 15, 2021
The Media Art Screening Project. Exhibition view at OCAT Shanghai, 2021. Courtesy of OCAT Shanghai.

The Curation Workshop is essentially a creative exhibition whose primary purpose is to promote new curatorial methods and languages. Its debut in 2019 aroused a real buzz in the art community, launching a new wave of research on curation. The Curation Workshop brings together a new generation of curators in China, who are familiar with the language of curation that is more straightforward, professional, and systematic, and enjoy broader perspectives and independence. The delivery of the workshop series intends to engage more young people and showcase the most up-to-date language of curation and the latest exhibition trends. While providing inspiration to the industry, the event has the vision to become a classroom for generations of curators to experiment with their artistic ambition.

The second Curation Workshop, co-initiated by the curator Cui Cancan and Feng Feng, Executive Director of OCT Art & Design Gallery, embraces a significant change in 2020. Co-organized by OCAT Shenzhen and OCT Art & Design Gallery, the project incorporates two parallel exhibitions that will be held at their respective venues: The Curation Workshop II: Story and Structure, will be housed in OCT Art & Design Gallery, following the same format as its prior edition: 41 artists and projects of different genres are invited, and a larger cohort of 19 curators are recruited to create 19 new stories with different structures; The Curation Workshop II: Sample Cases from OCAT, will be presented at the Exhibition Hall A of OCAT Shenzhen, as a fresh perspective added to the event by selecting and reviewing the projects with the most typical and experimental languages of curation that have been staged in the five venues and one sub-venue of OCAT in recent years. On this basis, it will examine the intricate relationships between China’s largest art terminal and curation and takes a closer look at different approaches to curation, their current developments, and the innovative responses made.

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