Frankfurter Hauptschule’s new video work Motor premieres online on neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst

December 28, 2020
© Frankfurter Hauptschule.

Bertolt Brecht’s play The Decision was first performed in 1930, followed 46 years later by the première of Heiner Müller’s response Mauser. After a similar interval, Frankfurter Hauptschule now responds to the two Lehrstücke with Maßnahme – Mauser – Motor. Based on the results of a series of discussions, the repertoire developed by Brecht and Müller is used to explore the question of where we stand today: modernity, post-modernity, acceleration, knowledge society, fake news, contemporary art, I’m a celebrity get me out of here, climate disaster, the end?

In December, the nGbK will present the new video work by Frankfurter Hauptschule. Preceding panel discussions inspected and further developed a text that formed the point of departure for MOTOR.

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