Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo)

February 3, 2020
Puppies Puppies “💘 ,” 2017. Pig’s heart, blue arrow. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.



Carlos Andres Olivo Jr. 

To Myself Be True 


My soul your sight neglects to see

My spirit, regretfully, I failed to free


Who you see is who I am!


Let no foe detract my quest 

Love thyself my one request


Look at me! Yes, look at me!

This is who I’m meant to be!


My courage does not your words deflect 

No more hours spent on self reflect 


Your words, your thoughts do not define

My kindness, my beauty that lies inside


A past I’d felt so Insecure 

A life so long to me unsure 


The sorrow and pain I dont ignore

Through those who hurt I do abhor 


Too long have who’ve held me back 

Allowed to curse for what I lack 


I stand, I swear, I vow to assure

That my defeat they won’t secure


Let the world see what I’m about 

Let the me inside ring out


I know myself within without 

Hear the words my heart does shout:


Who you see is who I am!


Accept it true accept it not 

So many judgements said unthought

It matters not if you accept 

Indifference leaves your soul inept 


I’ll be who I want to be 

A life I’ll live with honesty


I grab my heart, my soul, my very spirit and 

set them free

And thus bequeath unto myself these words 

for all eternity:


You wield no strength above me

Who I am is who you see

Be always me and never you

And to myself be always true






Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo)



Date unknown (recent)


made ramen and thought u

made ramen and thought of you

made ramen and thought of u



Till the steam came in and swept my worries away

it felt like it

never happened

I figured out a way to fill my feelings

but they restart again the next day




It’s so strange to walk

into a room

Scattered with people you know

But haven’t seen in years

And for them not to recognize you

For them not to greet


out of seeing a face they have memories



For them to look at you or stare at you

And wonder who you are

for a portion of their night


And it not even click

It feels like being a ghost

or just a different soul of a past being

In a new physical form

Or an invisibility cloak


A look of who are you

Without even a glint of recognition


Gliding past

without even a hello


Deciding who to

reintroduce myself to




Tostones & Mofongo (ordered from Dads favorite place in Dallas )(The Latin Pig, Plano 3131 Custer Road, Plano, Texas 75075)(phone number of the restaurant 972-985-9760)(Carlos Olivo loves mofongo and tostones)(Caribbean Cuisine) 2017 





Love her plants 

She takes care of them like true entities 

When we lived with Ren

She took care of us 

watered us with Gatorade 

Hydrated electrolytes 

Makes the boobs look bigger 

To be hydrated 

she says 

consumed ramen 

for photosynthesis 




quote from abstract of study:

Mirror-self recognition (MSR) is a behavioral indicator of self-awareness in young children and only a few other species, including the great apes, dolphins, elephants and magpies. The emergence of self-awareness in children typically occurs during the second year and has been correlated with sensorimotor development and growing social and self-awareness. comparative studies of MSR in chimpanzees report. that the onset of this ability occurs between 2 years 4 months and 3 years 9 months of age. Studies of wild and captive bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) have reported precocious sensorimotor and social awarded during the first weeks of life, but no comparative MSR research has been conducted with this species. We exposed two young bottlenose dolphins to an underwater mirror and analyzed video recordings of their behavioral responses over a 3-year period. here we report that both dolphins exhibited MSR, indicated by self-directed behavior at the mirror, at ages earlier than generally reported for children and at ages much earlier than reported for chimpanzees. The early onset of MSR in young dolphins occurs in parallel with their advanced sensorimotor development, complex and reciprocal social interactions and growing social awareness. Both dolphins passed subsequent mark tests at ages comparable with children. Thus, our findings indicate that dolphins exhibit self-awareness at a mirror at a younger age than previously reported for children or other species tested.


date unknown


Sometimes in my errors 

And the errors that lead to greater errors 

I imagine the director making sure to

Capture the moment of 


The moment of look at this 

Remember this 

This will be the first hint 

Of what’s to come 


The screen of my phone shattered 

and taped together with a screen 

Protector applied to the broken glass 


In order to keep it together 

Phone refurbished prior to

Being a victim of my 


So already give a life anew

Truly on its last leg 


If it’s not screaming don’t take care of it has become my mentality

more urgent concerns 

financially always 

before fixing my phone 

because it still works 


One night really late my phone was glitching 

As it does a lot via all its issues 

And in this way I relate to it 

Also maybe another reason I want 

(censored ending)




Have you ever been stared at so much 

That even when you’re alone

You hear the eyes 


date unknown 


I grew up collecting fragments.

Sometimes one looks in the mirror over and over and never sees oneself.


At night in a bedroom 

with bunk beds

in the darkness

On the ceiling 

a few light green

glowing stars 

held up by white tac 


right before that moment 

where the space that was surrounding me 

began to disappear 

where logic becomes reconfigured 

by some dream world 


I would wish for a vagina.

A vagina to make me ‘n

I don’t need a vagina to be a w

I know this now but I would still m

I was so scared to find ou

I decided not to look f


I grew up going to church 

I thi




Unisom gelcaps 



Paper towels 


Bar of soap 

Toilet paper



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