Bangladesh’s first Art Summit

April 11, 2012

While India’s modern and contemporary art has generated a lot of international interest in recent years, Bangladesh has been left behind.

In collaboration with Bangladesh National Museum and Shilpakala Academy (National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts) the 1st edition of Dhaka Art Summit will be take place from 12th – 15th April 2012 in Dhaka. The four day fair will present the chance to see a wide range of work produced by Bangladeshi artists under the same roof. Dhaka Art Summit will be modeled on the India Art Fair, will help change the international presence the country’s artists. This year the India Art Fair attracted around 90 Indian and international galleries Nadia Samdani, the founder and director of the Dhaka Art Summit says, “How many people knew about Indian art a decade ago compared to now? Or even China? Then the boom came,” “You cannot compare Bangladesh with that but it’s a great opportunity. Because of India, because of Pakistan, because of China, the doors have opened in Bangladesh,” she adds.

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